What is LPG?Where is it used?

Hydrocarbons, propane and butane as well as their mixtures, which derive either from the deposits of natural gas, to which they are ingredients, or as it happens in Greece from the refining of crude oil, are characterized as LPG.

LPG is suitable for any energy need, as a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly fuel.

LPG uses:

  • Industry (Textile, paper, building material industries, food, etc.)
  • SMEs/Professional use (Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Bakery, laundry shops, manufacturing companies, etc.)
  • Agricultural Production (dairies, cotton ginners, tobacco-corn drying, greenhouses, farms, etc.)
  • Auto Gas (for vehicle use)
  • Domestic use .When used at home, it can cover the needs of Central Heating, water heating, cooking, energy efficient fireplaces, pool heating and even for cooling

Is LPG economical?

LPG is an economical fuel, and depending on the season, it can offer autonomy and economy up to 30% compared to diesel. Thanks to its high energy efficiency, the high thermogenic power, the high degree of combustion efficiency as well as the reduced maintenance costs, etc., each business / household can achieve significant savings in their operating costs.