Bottled LPG

The cooperation with Coral Gas gave way to Creta Gas and to the bottled LPG.

LPG bottles with qualified FLV safety valve

Coral Gas bottles exclusively have the special FLV safety valve.

The bottle with the special 'Flow Limiter Valve – FLV' valve, provides double safety level, thanks to its special protective mechanism, with which the new valve restricts the flow of gas in case of extensive leakage or when the tap is stuck open, providing additional security to both  residential and business consumers. FLV is an important innovation, since it provides even more safety and reliability to gas consumers.

FLV Bottle, 10kg

Content: LPG mixture
Intended for various domestic uses (cooking, heating, roasting, bbq, etc.)


FLV Bottle, 13kg & 25kg (propane)

Content: Propane
Intended for professional use (restaurants, heating umbrellas etc.)


GoGas 5kg with triple safety. 

Content: LPG mixture
Intended for various domestic uses (cooking, heating, roasting, bbq, etc.) suitable for the countryside as well. 

Go Gas

Go Gas is very light with a modern design, light weight, high usability and triple safety. It has a new type of valve which can be connected very easily («one click») with all gas appliances.

The unique characteristics of Go Gas:

Lightweight - Great Usability

Go Gas contains 5kg LPG and weighs just over 10kg (50% less than conventional metal bottle) when fully filled. Its light weight combined with its large handles and ergonomic design make it easy to transport and ideal for use both at home and in the countryside.

Go Gas can be connected with all household gas appliances and can be used as a simple stove burner, BBQ grill, a space heater or like a lighting component according to the device which it is being used with.

«One Click»
No more difficulty when connecting the bottle.
In the new Go Gas era, there is no longer need for muscle strength or tools and flanges in order to change the bottle. Go Gas has a special «bayonet» valve which makes the connection as easy as ABC. Simply place the special control or the adapter at the top of the bottle and press gently until you hear a click («one click»).
The connection is made.