Bulk LPG

Since January 2016, Creta Gas has been the exclusive partner of Coral Gas (Shell - Motor Oil Hellas Group) in supplying bulk LPG

Coral Gas is an independent gas trading company, which was formed after the acquisition of Shell shares by Motor Oil Hellas Group and has been operating in Greece since 1965.

  • Bulk LPG (Industrial –SMEs- Commercial - Residential)
  • Auto Gas (partnerships in suitable licensed gas stations)
  • Bottled LPG (Domestic – Professional)

This strategic cooperation strengthens the position of Creta Gas in the local bulk LPG market by equipping it with:

  • The global expertise of Shell in combination with the dynamism and flexibility of  Motor Oil Group
  • The absolute priority to safety matters
  • The support of an ultramodern refinery
  • The reliability in delivery (correct amount - right product)
  • The technical inspection- technical support


Creta Gas can offer : 

  • The delivery of the necessary tanks & vaporizer for use.
  • The removal of the existing tanks (if necessary)
  • the maintenance and recertification of the tanks / vaporizers
  • the modification of the existing LPG network, where necessary, to improve the existing installation
  • reliability in delivery (correct amount - right product). The LPG  tanker trucks of Creta Gas are equipped with the most modern distribution mechanism: Mass Flow Meter
  • customer service with high quality and safety standards
  • competitive prices